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Noel & Emma Mayfield-Smith


Our stables, known as Angst Lodge, are situated in Clarendon near Windsor NSW, on 3 acres adjoining the Hawkesbury Racecourse, adjacent to the 1300m start.

At Angst Lodge, we are constantly up to date with all the progressive equipment.  Our facilities include 30 Large Walk In/Walk Out Covered Stables, Paddocks, a Dam (for swimming), Walking Machine, Weigh Machine, Laser, Ultrasound, and Ice Machine (for icing horses after they have galloped).

In addition, we also have an Equine Therapeutic Spa, which will help horses recuperate from their daily exercise and race day engagements.  One of our latest additions is the acquisition of 2 Equissage (Cycloid Vibration Therapy) machines. Equissage gives a deep tissue Cycloidal Massage to the entire horse.  Due to the unique action of CVT, equissage actively Improves Circulation, Relaxes Muscles, while providing Passive Exercise and promotes Lymphatic Drainage.

When you combine all this technology with the knowledge & experience that Noel and Emma bring, you can be assured that your valuable investment will not only receive the best of care, but also be given the best chance of achieving the ultimate goal, winning races !

Our stable motto is :    Your horse is Our horse.